Toddler’s is an age where the fun really begins! Toddlers are active and love to explore at will with a vitality and energy to match!

Children of the Toddler age group are offered a wide range of activities and resources to enable them to learn more about the world around them and the people within it. Children have so many questions at this stage and at Huggie Bears Family Childcare we aim to help them find many of the answers for themselves through play.

Children will be invited to participate in a wide variety of craft and sensory activities....many of which most parents would not want in their own homes! They will spend time with staff on a one to one basis with their Key Person as well as in group activities and they will be given many opportunities to make free choices in their play, helping to build on their independence. Activities and games are planned around each child to best meet their individual needs and emerging skills.

As well as having free access to the toys within the room, we also plan activities based on observations made on the children’s individual interests. The activities we plan for are varied but often include messy play, craft activities, group games, stories, singing and outdoor activities.

Within the Toddler age group, an emphasis is placed on helping children to develop their social skills and an understanding of the needs of others. The children learn how to share, take turns and we even work on developing the art of patience!

They are encouraged to use good manners at all times and to display acceptable levels of behaviour. The children will themselves help to decide what is considered to be 'acceptable' within their age group and such behaviour will be encouraged and rewarded.

A large range of activities are made available to the toddlers every day including sand and water play, home corner, mark making, story and music times, creative and sensory play as well as outdoor play every morning and afternoon.

Toddlers have access to the 'Water Station' in which their own cups are available to them at all times with fresh water to ensure they are well hydrated at all times.

We ask that you provide a change of clothes to every session as we have LOTS of messy play and at this age sometimes a nappy change can require a change of clothes too!  As the children use the garden every day we ask that you ensure they have appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. i.e rain coats and boots, sunhat etc.

Nappies, wipes, nappy creams are supplied for the toddlers at no additional cost* (please consult with us regarding current provisions) and staff are able to assist parents with toilet training when the time comes. Advice is available for parents to assist them at this time. We work closely with you to help with toilet training and begin to teach the children to take responsibility for their own personal hygiene by emphasising the importance of hand washing.

Huggie Bears Family Childcare has its own toilet area downstairs, perfect for toddlers mastering potty training.