On this page we have included a selection of References and Thank you cards from our families.

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These testimonials are not edited except to remove personal information such as children’s names. You are more than welcome to view the original copies on your visit.

Recent Feedback from a Parent Survey:

‘Professional service yet excellent with children. We are kept very well informed of our daughter’s progress. All communication, policies and procedures are excellent. Excellent level of care and meals. _______ seems to really enjoy coming. I’ve been really happy so far, thank you!’

Mrs. R. 

'My daughter feels happy. She is involved in different interesting activities at Huggie Bears Family Childcare. The staff are very flexible which is really helpful.'

Ms. A.

There are also independent references listed below to be viewed on our listing on – please see link below:

'After a difficult first experience at a nursery, we knew we had found the right place when we came to Huggie Bears and I thank my lucky stars that Geraldine had a space for us! Our son has been at Huggie Bears for more than two years, since the age of ten months. We couldn't have been happier with his and our experience. The level of care is exceptional and he has thrived in this positive, nurturing environment. Geraldine's planning and communication is meticulous and the range of activities and opportunities that our son has enjoyed during his time at Huggie Bears has been wonderful - over and above what one could expect. The weekly forest school and trip to the library provide a perfect balance to time in the setting, where the children also enjoy activities in the garden daily. Geraldine fosters an excellent rapport with the children she cares for; our son has bounced in since his very first day and loves his time there. He has firm bonds with the other children at the setting and has benefitted considerably from the small but welcoming environment. As parents we have been thoroughly supported with any question with regards our son's development and we have kept up to date with his daily activities and mood through the daily diary and his tapestry online account, which we have found both useful and reassuring. I trust Geraldine completely, and can't recommend Huggie Bears highly enough.'​ 11/05/2020

'Our daughter (20 months) has been at Huggie Bears for 6 months and it is a wonderful place for little ones. The only reason we are taking her out is because we are moving abroad. She has really flourished while there and I am sad to be taking her out! I feel that she has learned a great deal, she has been really well taken care of, she has done lots of activities pertinent to her age and has been cared for in a warm and loving environment. The actual setting is fantastic, with lots of spaces for learning, reading and an outdoor area for summer activities. The childminder takes amazing care of the kids - my daughter always came home well fed, clean and very happy! We even got little drawings and cards from her for different holidays. The communication between parents and childminder is excellent - so you know what they have done during the day, eaten and anything that is going on with them. I would highly recommend Huggie Bears to anyone and I would certainly put her back in if I had the chance.' 19/07/2019

'Our 18 month old son has attended Huggie Bears for the last 8 months and we couldn't be happier with his progress in this time.
Geraldine's professionalism is matched by her enthusiasm for the personal development of our son, providing regular, comprehensive feedback on his progress. Geraldine plans many developmental activities in the setting with visits to local playgroups and trips to the local parks however what is most encouraging for my wife and I, is seeing how happy our son is every morning on drop off and evening on collection from the setting.'

'Our 3 year old girl has been with Huggie Bears Family Childcare for over a year now and we think it is exceptional. Our little girl loves her days with Geraldine and has progressed considerably since she joined. The amount of support is over and above what is expected. We were even supported along the process of exploring if our daughter had delayed speech development. She has come on leaps and bounds and we are convinced that there isn't a better place for her to develop her social and life skills than at Huggie Bears. Safety standards and overall professionalism are relentless and we couldn't be happier.' 29/05/2018

'We highly recommend Huggie Bears Family Childcare. We trusted our 1-year old son to the care of Geraldine for 3 days a week, and were extremely impressed with the happy, nurturing and safe environment she provided.
The activities on offer really helped with our son’s development, and we saw huge progress within a very short space of time in terms of his speech, memory recognition and confidence. We are especially pleased with the bond between our son and Geraldine, which can only be a result of the quality time she has spent with him. To add to this, daily reports about nutritional meals, activities undertaken and nap times have been a great help.' 

'Geraldine is a highly competent childminder. She takes good care of every single aspect of a kid's daily needs. She knows how to teach them the appropriate behaviour, how to express themselves and how to be independent. The food she provides is all fresh and of high quality. The entire environment is clean and very hygienic. She gave me loads of good advice anytime I asked for it. I surely recommend her, my daughter was happy there.' 11/09/2015

'In November 2014, we trusted our son to the care of Huggie Bears Family Childcare. We have never regretted or felt disappointed with such decision. Huggie Bears Family Childcare spend quality time and have done an incredibly professional job in developing our little one's skills. On top of all her dedication to our son, and to all other babies and toddlers under her care, she has always been available to give us, and other parents, advice and feedback based on her experience and knowledge. We appreciate the way she does it and the methodologies she uses for that effect. Moreover, Huggie Bears offers all the required facilities to give children a safe environment whilst keeping a comfortable environment for them to feel like at home.' 22/08/2015

'We were looking for a Childminder for our 10 months old daughter. We wanted someone who could provide a safe environment, was passionate, caring and committed. When we met Geraldine at Huggie Bears Family Childcare we felt she ticked all boxes. Now, 7 months later, we know we took the right decision and are very happy with the dedication and care our daughter gets. Geraldine is very thorough, professional and has a great eye for detail: we get a daily diary that tells us how the day's been and are punctually informed of anything that's significant. We have got no hesitation and highly recommend Huggie Bears Family Childcare!' 13/07/2015

'We have been very happy with the afterschool care our daughter received at Huggie Bears Family Childcare. She was picked up from school every day, had a wholesome meal at the Huggie Bears setting, did her homework and took part in a lot of activities (arts and crafts, baking etc.). Geraldine is very professional and I felt 100% confident leaving my daughter in her care. I always recommend Huggie Bears Family Childcare to all my friends.' 07/07/2015

'We have been taking our daughter to Huggie Bears Family Childcare from 9 months of age. We looked around for a service with which we would feel comfortable leaving such a young baby and since we both work full time wanted an environment that would be at least as good if not better than our own home. In our minds Huggie Bears Family Childcare was the only option and we have not been disappointed one bit. Geraldine has been wonderful since day one not only in caring for our daughter but also in providing excellent learning experiences. We have tried where possible to use the most sustainable options for baby products and Huggie Bears Family Childcare have always been accommodating and happy to work with us. The home cooked healthy meals were another important factor in choosing Huggie Bears Family Childcare and we are sure that our daughter has been eating a better diet than us since she moved properly onto solids! The daily reports detailing foods eaten, activities undertaken and naps are fantastic! Overall we recommend Huggie Bears Family Childcare as highly as possible to all parents in the locale.' 10/09/2014

'We are very happy with Huggie Bears Family Childcare. Our son has been going there for 8 months now and is always happy at the end of the day. It's great to know that it's not just a place where he is well looked after but the care is taken over children's development and progress as well. It's always nice to get the full report of what he's been up to each day and see how many different activities he's doing and new things he's learning. Would highly recommend.' 27/08/14

'We have been extremely impressed with the care that our child has received at Huggie Bears Family Childcare. As we both work we needed to find after school care for our child and Huggie Bears Family Childcare has provided her with everything she needs. She has the opportunity to complete her homework, takes part in lots of arts and crafts activities and get a wholesome and home made tea at the end of the day. Our daughter is very happy at Huggie Bears Family Childcare and Geraldine has developed a caring and nurturing relationship with her. Geraldine will always go the extra mile to accommodate any requests that we have in terms of extra care - it is very clear that she runs a very professional business. I would recommend Huggie Bears Family Childcare to all.' 27/08/2014

'Our daughter was 11 months when she joined Geraldine at Huggie Bears Family Childcare and we have been so happy with the care she has received there. It is with a heavy heart we have to move her as we are moving house and out of the area. Over the time she has been there she has been very happy, getting excited on her way to see Geraldine and her friends. The food she has been given is healthy and fresh, and we get a summary if her daily activities so we know what she has been up to. It is a very professionally run business while at the same time we feel our daughter is really cared for with affection, which is lovely for young babies and toddlers. We would thoroughly recommend Huggie Bears Family Childcare.' 23/07/2015

'We are thrilled with Huggie Bears. Our daughter loves going each week and they do a variety of activities each time. Every week we get a report of everything that she has done, eaten and details of sleeps etc. and they keep a learning log too so we can keep track of our daughter's development. Geraldine has an excellent rapport with our daughter. She is great with kids and very thorough and professional with us as parents. We would highly recommend Huggie Bears Family Childcare!' 24/07/2014

'The first impression or the best word to describe Huggie Bears Family Childcare is professional. The facility is just like a standard nursery setting, completely separate from the owner's place which I like as I know my daughter will enjoy and feel secured. The Manager (owner) is so experienced in childcare that my daughter just loves her sine the first induction day. One thing surprises me most is that she is so good at cooking to provide tasty and healthy food. My daughter just enjoys being there so much so I will definitely recommend it!!' 21/01/2013