A Child’s Day at Huggie Bears Family Childcare

Your child will have a ‘Key Person’ assigned to them allowing you to regularly communicate the needs of your child and your wishes as a parent/carer. Working together with parents/carers, to ensure the best start, for your child.

At Huggie Bears Family Child Care your child’s day will be filled with lots of opportunities to have fun, learn, play, laugh, relax, and grow. We recognise that every child is an individual and strive to meet your child’s needs while allowing them to build confidence and develop at their own pace.

We want your child to enjoy their experiences at Huggie Bears Family Child Care and appreciate that every child is an individual and this will be reflected in the care they receive. All the children will have an opportunity to take part in a range of planned activities which reflect the appropriate curriculum as well as including all aspects of children’s learning. There will be a chance for the children to lead their own play and this is supported by the trained staff, child friendly storage and accessible equipment.

The nursery room has plenty of space to play enabling each child to get the most out of the activities provided, such as dancing, circle games and large construction equipment.

There is a messy play area where there will be creative activities, baking, sand and water play, as part of any child’s learning is exploring and experimenting with different materials.

There is a comfortable rest area which allows your child to have quiet time to sleep or relax. All sleep and rest times are fully monitored by a member of the team.

Your child will play outdoors at least twice a day, children love playing in all weathers and whether it’s puddle jumping or enjoying the sunshine your child will have regular opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and a range of activities with their friends. Whilst, lots of outings and regular visits to local amenities will be an enhancement to the curriculum.